Yvette Cooper: EU vital in fight against human trafficking

The European Commission has today published a report on progress in the fight against human trafficking, based on data provided by national governments. The report finds the EU’s anti-trafficking law has led to stronger police cooperation against trafficking gangs. Over the past year over 250 suspected human traffickers have been arrested in joint operations supported by Europol, including 30 in a recent operation against a trafficking gang operating from West Africa.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper commented:

“Human trafficking is an abhorrent crime – it is dire exploitation of men, women and children which destroys families and devastates lives. Being in the EU gives our police the tools they need to bring evil human trafficking gangs to justice, including vital cooperation through Europol.

“European legislation also requires that victims are given the help they desperately need instead of being unfairly punished. It means women trafficked into prostitution are supported, rather than criminalised.

“Leaving Europe would be a gift to criminals that would weaken our efforts to stamp out this evil trade.”