Women IN launch

‘Women IN’, a network of women working in Britain campaigning for the UK to remain a member of the EU, has been launched - with an open letter in the Evening Standard signed by more than 50 leading businesswomen, scientists, trade union officials & health professionals.

The open letter reads:

The European Referendum is the choice of a generation. Do we choose to be a country that is stronger, better off and safer by staying part of the EU or risk a weaker economy, jeopardise the prospects of future generations and a loss of global influence by furrowing a path on our own?

We believe Britain’s future is inside the EU. We know it isn’t perfect – no partnership is. Being a member of a larger group always involves some compromise. But, in the end, the benefits clearly outweigh the costs. Whether it’s the 3 million jobs in Britain linked to our trade with other EU countries, the £66 million a day in investment we get from Europe or the huge advantage British businesses get from being able to access a market of 500 million consumers, we believe Britain is stronger in Europe.

We are drawn from all walks of life. We work in medicine, retail, health, financial services, the creative industries, trade unions, interior design and fashion. And we have all benefitted from our membership of the EU. Those of us who are businesswomen have seen how free trade agreements have enabled businesses to crack new markets, how regulation has been aligned to allow us to operate across Europe and how travel round the continent has been made quicker, easier and cheaper. Those of us who are mums have taken for granted the maternity leave set out in EU employment law. And those of us who are grandmothers are excited about the prospect of our grandchildren being able to live, work and study in countries across Europe. This isn't just about whether Britain is strong today, but safeguarding opportunities for future generations too.

Too often, women’s voices aren’t front and centre of political debate. But this Referendum is going to be different. We’re setting up a Women for IN network to spread the word about the benefits of our membership of the EU and to make it clear we cannot take risks with the future of our country. We hope as many women as possible get involved in this campaign. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

It has been signed by:

June Sarpong OBE

Baroness (Karren) Brady CBE

Professor Dr Geeta Nargund

Baroness (Martha) Lane Fox

Kelly Hoppen MBE

Kathryn Parsons

Kate Unsworth

Kathy Lette

Calgary Avansino

Minna Fry

Jo Elvin

Tristia Harrison

Annoushka Ducas MBE

Maria Pinelli

Clare Hornby

Sally Greene OBE

Christina Seilern

Torie Chilcott

Caroline Michel

Margo Marrone

Sharon Maughan

Dr Susana Banerjee

Helena Boas

Lady (Ruth) Rogers MBE

Alison Loehnis

Michelle Pinggera

Jen Burner

Marisa Drew

Julie Brangstrup

Louise Galvin

Katharine Pooley

Dr Heather McGregor CBE

Karen Blackett OBE

Kanya King MBE

Kate Pakenham

Venetia Butterfield

Pia Marocco

Melissa Di Donato

Baroness (Mary) Goudie

Amanda Wakeley

Dr Linda Papadopoulos

Megan Dunn

Allie Esiri

Lucy Yeomans

Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Sarah Golding

Dame Anne Glover DBE

Noel Harwerth

Susan Boster

Jess Burley

Kate Grussing

Tamara Box

Shaa Wasmund MBE