Will my family and I be worse off if we voted to leave the EU?

If we left, overall, our economy would be damaged to the tune of £4,300 a year for every household. (Source: The Treasury).
Being in the EU gives you cheaper prices on your weekly shop, fuel, energy bills and flights to Europe and even lower phone charges when travelling – leaving you more money to put aside for family holidays, a deposit on a new home, a new car or starting a family. 
Being in the EU also gives you job security. Trade in the EU single market helps businesses set up and grow, and create jobs, meaning more opportunities for you and your family to earn a wage, all along the supply chain. There are 3 million jobs linked to EU trade. 
Economic experts including the Bank of England governor says that if we left the EU our economy would be hit, and we could go back into recession. Leaving would mean less trade, less business, higher prices and fewer jobs for you and your family. 
Economic experts predict that the value of homes, pensions and the pound would fall, and we’d see lower wages and higher prices in shops.

Last updated: Feb 18, 2016