Why do we get EU immigrants here?

We want fairness in our immigration system, not a free for all. People from other European countries should not be allowed full access to benefits until they have paid into the system, and that’s what the Prime Minister’s renegotiation has delivered. 
Those who come here to work hard, pay their taxes, contribute to our economy and support our public services should be welcomed.
More than 130,000 EU citizens work in our health and social care system, supporting better a good standard of healthcare for your family members of all ages. Businesses owned by EU citizens employ one and a half million people in UK, creating more job opportunities for you and your family. 
EU citizens have contributed £20 billion more in taxes than they have taken out in benefits. The facts are clear: the overwhelming majority of EU citizens in Britain are contributors, not freeloaders. 
If we left the EU, we would lose our access to the world’s largest free trade area, the single market, costing us jobs and pushing up prices. You and your family would no longer be able to work, study, travel and retire freely in Europe.