What would happen to our trade if we left the EU?

Leaving the EU would damage trade, UK businesses and our economic growth, and put millions of jobs at risk.
There would be less trade, less investment, less business, higher prices and fewer jobs and opportunities for you and your family now and in the future.
Britain would have to pay to access the single market and have no say in the regulations governing it. European leaders have already told us we would not get a good deal, and Barack Obama said that we would be at the ‘back of the queue’ for a US trade deal. 
Negotiating as part of a 500 million-strong economy gives us clout we could never have on our own. We would not get a better deal if we left, as we would have fewer customers and a smaller market to offer other countries. 
Thanks to our membership of the European Union, we benefit from free trade agreements with over 50 countries around the world. We will also benefit from new free trade agreements the EU is currently negotiating with countries such as the United States, Australia and Japan.
We currently enjoy the best of both worlds, as we are trading more and more with important emerging economies such as India and China.

Last updated: Feb 18, 2016