We gain from EU migrants and is something we should continue

“No family is changed by outside voices, only by the influence of those within.” Says Jayne-Anne Gadhai, CEO Virgin Money, as she argues for the UK to remain part of the EU. 

The CEO set out a number of reasons for continued membership for the EU today in the Standard.

Ms Gadhia argues that we must stand side by side with our EU family to keep peace and prosperity in the UK as we look back one hundred years to World War One and how far we have come since then by working together.

Jayne-Anne also stated that the economic and cultural benefits we gain from EU migrants is something we should continue so that our children can enjoy so much of what we already have.

“A vote for Europe is a vote for humanity and a vote for growth.”

While recognising that the EU may not be perfect, just like any other family,

EU has brought with it many protections such as maternity leave, health and safety laws and the working time directive.

Let’s retain these rewards by voting to Remain on 23rd June.


Jayne-Anne Gadhia is CEO of Virgin Money and Advisory Board Member of Scotland Stronger IN Europe