University of Edinburgh sees benefits of the EU

"On the 23rd of June, the UK will hold a referendum on its continued membership of the European Union (EU). In our respective roles as President of Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) and Principal of the University of Edinburgh, we wish to highlight the benefits of the UK’s EU membership for the University and its students."

In an open letter from the Principal of University of Edinburgh and the student President Jonny Ross-Tatam, they highlight the benefits of Scotland being a member of the EU to the students who study at their university

Being in the EU brings many benefits for the University and its students

An attractive destination for talented staff from other EU countries

The University can easily collaborate with world-class universities in Europe to carry out cutting-edge research and innovation

EU membership also helps us build a truly diverse student community

University of Edinburgh is the first in Scotland to publicly back a remain vote in Scotland, as well as personal endorsements from the Principals of University of Glasgow and Dundee.

Scotland Stronger IN Europe welcomed the news saying:

"This is a very welcome intervention in the referendum debate, confirming that the facts support staying in the European Union.

"The academic research funding and collaboration supported by the EU, and freedom of movement and study across Europe, is good for the Scottish economy and good for young people.

"That is why the positive choice on 23 June is to vote for Remain."