UK Statistics Authority "disappointed" that Vote Leave continues to use "potentially misleading" figure

The Chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, Sir Andrew Dilnot, has again criticised the Vote Leave campaign for claiming that the UK sends £350 million a week to the EU.

In a new letter to Vote Leave Campaign Director Dominic Cummings, Sir Andrew says he is “disappointed” that Vote Leave continue to use a figure he describes as “potentially misleading”, while Vote Leave are guilty of a “lack of clarity” in their use of official statistics.

It comes after Sir Andrew first criticised Vote Leave’s use of this figure in his response to Norman Lamb MP in April. He said at the time that: “Without further explanation I consider these statements to be potentially misleading.”

Commenting, Norman Lamb MP, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesman, said:

“I had hoped that Sir Andrew Dilnot’s earlier judgment would have stopped Vote Leave from using such absurd and discredited statistics. I am disappointed, but hardly surprised, that they have not.

It is yet another example of their desperate attempts to mislead people in this referendum campaign. Not one respected independent body backs their ridiculous claims.

“They must act to withdraw any campaign material with this misleading and inaccurate figure immediately.

“The British people deserve better.”

Lucy Thomas, Deputy Director of Britain Stronger In Europe, said:

“Vote Leave’s already-shaky credibility is in tatters. Their flagship statistic has been repeatedly declared to be misleading.

“Businesses, trades unions, economic experts, the Bank of England and the IMF are all clear that our economy is stronger in Europe. The fact that Vote Leave are reduced to using dodgy statistics speaks volumes about the appalling weakness of their argument.

“It is now clear that Vote Leave cannot be trusted with the future security of our economy.”