The EU, helping you enjoy your summer sunshine

Summer is officially upon us meaning Scots everywhere from Troon to Tobermory and Stornoway to Stranraer, are flocking to the beach with their towels for some sun and maybe dip a toe or two in the water in some of Scotland's spectacular beaches.

Back track forty years and you would have steered clear of them on days such as today.

In the 1970s many of Scotland’s beaches were destinations for sewage to be pumped into our oceans.

However, thanks to the EU, you can now swim in our waters reassured in the knowledge that 95% of our beaches are now clean, thanks to the European Union environmental directives.

This is because the EU has ensured that the UK and Scotland cleaned up its act when it comes to our magnificent coastline.

The Bathing Water Directive of 1976 forced Britain to clean up its act when it came to our beaches and now 60% of them can boast to have been awarded the Excellent badge of honour.

Beaches in the Isle of Harris could easily be mistaken for the Caribbean and many more Scottish beaches could look the same, even if the temperature is not.

“Staying in the EU delivers a win-win scenario of cleaner beaches and economic gain for sea-side economies.” - Friends of the Earth

So if you want to keep Scotland's beaches clean and beautiful - Vote Remain on 23rd June