The Archbishop of York will put his faith in staying with EU

Today the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, is set to back remaining in the European Union. You can read the full article on the Times website. Below are highlights:

As an institution, the Church of England is neutral on Britain’s EU membership. The Most Rev John Sentamu is the most senior serving clergyman to express his personal view and will be backing Remain, he has told The Times.

He said that one of his first tasks would then be to speak out about the ethical questions raised by the referendum, pledging: “I won’t sit on the fence.”

He stressed that he could not speak for the Church of England and would research the topic thoroughly before setting out his view in full.

Dr Sentamu said that he had voted to remain in the European community in 1975 and “I’m not likely to change my mind,” adding: “I haven’t yet heard a cogent argument for why we should be out.”

The archbishop, who was born in Uganda, said that, in the global climate “we need to be finding friends and neighbours and reaching out, instead of [saying], ‘We want to do our own thing’.”