Thank you to our crowdfunder supporters

Today the team at Stronger In would like to thank everyone who donated to the campaign.


We received a fantastic level of support from a huge range of people all around the UK, who all believe we are stronger, safer, and better off in Europe.

In total we raised more than £1 million from donors who gave less than £500 and more than half a million from donations of less than £50.

Thanks to their support, we were able to create an effective cross party organisation with infrastructure in every region of the UK.

We created a mass movement which saw tens of thousands of volunteers – many completely new to politics – knocking on doors, handing out stickers and leaflets, and making the case for Remain up and down the UK.

By donating to the campaign, people like Niclas, Kevin, Mike, Reggie, Frank, Judith, Brendan, Lap, Ben and Adam allowed us to make the positive case for EU membership and secure 48% of the vote.

In the end 16,141,241 people voted for our cause - more than any political party has ever achieved although not, ultimately, enough to prevail. And 73% of 18-24 year olds voted for Remain, showing that we were on the side of the future of this country.

This is a huge achievement and we would like to thank you everyone who made this possible.