WALES Stronger In Europe is building momentum ahead of the June 23 referendum after holding 67 events across the country last week – and the cross-party campaign for a Remain vote is set to break the 100 mark this week.

With events in locations from Monmouth to Haverfordwest and from Anglesey to Aberdare, the message that Wales is stronger, safer and better off in Europe was heard in every part of the country.

At a landmark rally on Queen Street, Cardiff, activists heard speeches from Dafydd Wigley, Alun Cairns, Julie Morgan and Eluned Parrott.

Stewart Owadally, Wales Stronger In Europe campaign director, said:

“This display of energy and cross-party support across Wales shows that there is momentum behind the grassroots campaign we have built. While leave campaigners have had 40 years building their campaign, our activists started their campaign from scratch in just a few months.

“We had activity all over the country, with MPs and senior figures from the Welsh Conservatives, Welsh Labour, Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Liberal Democrats – a development not to be understated in the wake of a hard-fought Assembly election campaign.

“Our activity on the ground is reflecting the response we are getting from the people we speak to – more and more of whom tell us they agree that Wales is stronger, safer and better off in Europe.”

Voters have until June 7 to register to vote in the referendum, and until June 8 to register for a postal vote. See