Stronger In applies for official lead 'Remain' campaign designation

This week, Stronger In applied to become the official campaign to keep Britain stronger, safer and better off in Europe. Read why it's so important to win this crucial vote from a range of our supporters.

Dear voters,

On 23rd June the British public will make the biggest decision for a generation: to be a thriving, outward-facing country trading in and shaping the world’s largest free trade single market or to turn inwards, put our economy at risk and play a lesser role on the world stage.

Today, Stronger In will submit our application to be the designated campaign to keep Britain stronger in Europe.

We are drawn from a cross-section of political parties, from different parts of the country, from large and small businesses, from trade unions, the creative industries and higher education.

Despite our diverse backgrounds, what unites us all is our firm belief that Britain is stronger, safer and better off in the EU than we would be out on our own.

Of everything we sell to the rest of the world, almost half is sold to Europe: it’s our home market.

Walking away would be to walk away from the huge economic opportunities and advantages on our doorstep. Our external trade with the rest of the world is also covered by the EU’s free trade deals with over 50 countries.

A range of experts such as the Centre for Economics and Business Research as well as the Treasury, estimate that over 3 million jobs in Britain are linked to our trade with the rest of Europe.

Our membership also means cheaper prices in our shops, cheaper flights to Europe and lower phone charges when travelling. These things are important to people.

We share intelligence data across EU countries and our police forces are able to deport foreign criminals back to their own countries to face justice through the European Arrest Warrant. These things keep us safe.

Global challenges like climate change don’t stop at borders, so we need to work together to protect our environment and wildlife, now and for future generations.

No one is saying the EU is perfect – no partnership is – and there are changes we would all vociferously argue for.

But the evidence is clear – whether it’s on the strength of our economy, our security, or our diplomatic weight on the world stage – the benefits of being in outweigh the costs.

Over the next few months, the Stronger In campaign will be taking this message right across the country – reaching millions of voters – to say loud and clear: Britain is better served by staying in the EU.

1) Stuart Rose, Chair, Britain Stronger In Europe

2) Brendan Barber, former General Secretary, TUC

3) Ian Baxter, Chairman, Baxter Freight

4) Janet Beer, Vice Chancellor, University of Liverpool

5) Ann Beynon, Equality and Human Rights Commissioner, Wales

6) Karren Brady, Vice Chairman, West Ham United FC

7) Beth Button, President, NUS Wales

8) Wayne David MP, Labour, Caerphilly

9) Alan Davies, Managing Director, Farmers Union of Wales

10) Geraint Talfan Davies, Chair, Wales Stronger In Europe

11) Hilary Devey, Small Business Champion, Britain Stronger In Europe

12) Damian Green MP, Chair, Conservative European Mainstream

13) Jenny Halpern Prince, Founder, Halpern

14) Allen Hogan, Founder and CEO, Hogan’s Cider

15) Stanley Johnson, Co-Chairman, Environmentalists for Europe

16) Hywel Ceri Jones, Former Director General, European Commission

17) Jude Kelly, Artistic Director, Southbank Centre

18) Stephen Kelly, CEO, Manufacturing Northern Ireland

19) Tom Kelly, Chairman, Northern Ireland Stronger In Europe, CEO Stakeholder Communications

20) Peter Mandelson, President, Policy Network

21) Bro McFerran, Former Managing Director, Allstate Northern Ireland

22) Sinead McLaughlin, Chief Executive, Londonderry Chamber of Commerce

23) Eluned Parrot AM, Liberal Democrat, South Wales Central

24) Trevor Philips, Former Chair, Equality and Human Rights Commission

25) Peter Price, Principal, European Strategy Counsel

26) Richard Reed, Founder, Innocent Drinks

27) Glyn Roberts, Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association

28) Roland Rudd, Joint Treasurer, Britain Stronger In Europe

29) June Sarpong, Broadcaster and Campaigner

30) Professor Mona Siddiqui, Chair, Scotland Stronger In Europe

31) Doug Squires, Managing Director, Squires Gear and Engineering Ltd.

32) Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, Plaid Cymru, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

33) Jim Wallace, Leader, Liberal Democrats in House of Lords

34) Dafydd Wigley, Honorary President, Plaid Cymru

35) Craig Williams MP, Conservative, Cardiff North

36) Debbie Wosskow, CEO, Love Home Swap