Leave campaigns can’t be trusted on UK steel

This week, the Leave campaigns has called for more action from the UK government to protect the UK steel industry. However, they haven't always supported UK steel. 

Yesterday, Vote Leave, applying to be the lead campaign for the referendum, called for more action to protect UK steel, and blamed the EU for inaction:

“EU state aid laws severely limit what the UK Government can do to help the steel industry.”

Vote Leave, Vote Leave Website, 30 March 2016, link

But leave campaigners have attacked protectionism in the past:

“The same is true of all the objections commonly raised against free trade. Protectionism may suit the sector being protected, but the damage done to the rest of the economy always — always — outweighs that benefit.”

Daniel Hannan, Daniel Hannan Blog, 23 December 2015, link

As well as attacking globalisation, while still calling for more free trade:

“The British steel industry is in trouble. Why? Globalisation”

Douglas Carswell, Talk Carswell Blog, 31 March 2016, link 

Free trade:

Attacking free trade and free markets is in vogue…if we listen to the protectionist and socialist snake-oil salesmen, there won't be an industrial renaissance. There'll be poverty.”

Douglas Carswell, Talk Carswell Blog, 30 March 2016, link

What's clear is this: you cannot trust the Leave campaigns on UK steel.