Scotland’s third sector workers vote to remain in the EU

Scotland’s third sector workers will overwhelmingly vote to remain in the EU in this month’s crucial referendum.

In a poll of charity employees, carried out by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), 72% of those intending to vote said they will vote to remain with just under 18% declaring they would vote to leave.

Only, one in 10 said they hadn’t yet decided.

96% of workers from within the sector say they intend to vote on 23 June and the same number said they feel personally engaged in the debate surrounding the referendum.

Welcoming the survey’s findings, Scotland Stronger In Europe’s senior campaign spokesperson, John Edward, said:

“This is a very welcome survey, showing overwhelming support for staying in Europe from Scotland’s third sector.

"The strong findings undoubtedly reflect the important role of the European Union in furthering social justice – including protection for people in the workplace and rights for disabled people.

"And many charities delivering vital services also benefit the European Social Fund.

“These are all positive reasons to back Remain, and it also also excellent to see Scotland’s third sector workers so highly motivated to vote on 23 June."

Maggie Lennon, director of the Bridges Programme, a charity which supports refugees, asylum seekers and migrants living in Glasgow, says she isn’t surprised either that the majority of the sector wants to remain in the EU.

“If these rights are only enshrined in UK law and not international law then changing them in the future becomes much easier.

“If they are enshrined in EU law or within the European Human Rights Act a single government cannot unilaterally overturn these.”

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