Take 20 minutes today to make a lifetime difference for the better.

People in Scotland have the opportunity to come together to choose a better future. Voting to Remain in Europe means more jobs, a stronger economy, protection for workers and consumers, action to improve the environment, and broader horizons for our nation.

Fighting climate change can help boost jobs

Europe has shown global leadership on climate change. A fifth of its budget is allocated to tackling the issue by integrating it into all major spending areas, and disparate national interests have been overcome to agree ambitious emissions reductions plans. This has delivered tangible benefits for the UK in the form of jobs, growth and financial savings for households.

Five First Minister's of Scotland unite for Remain

The five people who have served as First Minister of Scotland released a joint statement today urging the people of Scotland to vote Remain in Thursday’s referendum.

Scotland’s colleges and universities benefit from being part of the EU

As a representative of a national student organisation and also a mum of four, what drives me is what makes life better for us all - as citizens, families, members of the public. And that’s not necessarily the issues that have been the stuff of political argy bargy over the last few weeks. In fact it’s everything from the...

Strength and breadth of case to stay in Europe

More than 100 people and organisations throughout Scotland have publicised their support for a Remain vote ahead of Thursday’s EU referendum, in an open letter highlighting the positive case for Remain, which stretches across Scotland’s society and economy. Supporting the statement are university leaders, both Scottish local government associations representing all 32 local authorities, trade union leaders in Scotland, representatives...

Scientists and academics in Scotland back staying in Europe

Nearly 300 scientists and academics in Scotland back staying in Europe Hundreds of scientists and academics in Scotland and 10 Nobel prize winning economists – including Professor Sir James Mirrlees - have come out today to say that the UK is better off in Europe. The 10 Nobel prize-winning economists unite to say that “the economic arguments are clearly in...

EU action on health benefits us all

It is over 30 years ago that the European Community passed one of the first pieces of legislation in the world to control asbestos and provide adequate protection to workers. Despite this, even today, asbestos remains the UK's biggest workplace killer.

Scottish agriculture leaders are for Remain

In a letter to be published in the Scottish Farmer today, Scottish agriculture leaders have joined together to call for a vote to Remain in the European Union next Thursday. The letter is signed by former NFU Scotland Presidents John Cameron, Ian Grant, George Lyon, Nigel Miller and Jim Walker;  Director of the Scottish Tenant Farmers Association, Angus McCall; Chairman...

Creatives in Scotland back Remain

A wide coalition of artists, authors, musicians and actors working in Scotland have backed a Remain vote in next week’s referendum. In a statement, over 80 people working in creative industries in Scotland said: We the undersigned support a Remain vote at the European Referendum on 23 June.

Scotland is a winner in EU research funding

Universities and businesses in Scotland is set to receive nearly £1.2 billion of pounds of research funding under the EU’s current research programme, new analysis has shown. Official figures published this week show that Scotland has received over £201 million from the EU science fund since 2014, and is set to receive a total of £1.2 billion by 2020 if...