RSPB and WWF say that the environment is safer in Europe

  • Two of Britain’s leading charities concerned with the natural world say remaining in Europe is safer for Britain’s environment
  • PM says staying in Europe vital to protecting UK environment
  • RSPB and WWF will inform over 1.7 million supporters what is at stake in this referendum

On Thursday, two of Britain’s leading charities, the RSPB and WWF, representing over 1.7 million supporters between them, have come together to say that Britain’s environment is safer in Europe. They have written a newspaper article and will join forces with the Prime Minister to make that case.

They argue that EU law has delivered significant protections for the environment, and allowed Britain to sit at the top table in the fight against climate change, while leaving would cause “years of uncertainty”. They conclude: “The safer option for our wildlife and environment is for the UK to remain within the EU”.

David Cameron said:

"This referendum is a once in a generation decision, and it is vital that we hear from every sector on the possible implications for our country. Charities like the RSPB and WWF play an important role in the debate on Europe and I welcome their declaration that our natural environment will be safer if we stay in a reformed EU.

"EU membership underpins many crucial environmental protections in the UK, while amplifying our voice in the world on vital issues like cutting global emissions.

"Of course a vote to Remain doesn't mean the job is done, which is why I will continue to press for change in Europe. I will use our seat at the table to ensure the natural environment, bio-diversity and a living, working countryside are at the heart of agricultural policy through continued reform of the CAP; and that the birds and habitats directives are maintained and better implemented, both in the UK and across Europe, to ensure the diversity of our countryside and wildlife.”

In advance of the referendum, the RSPB, which has 1.1 million members, and WWF, which has 650,000 supporters, will inform their supporters why they believe that nature and our environment are safer in Europe.

It comes after WWF launched a new advert urging voters to consider the environmental consequences of the choice facing us in the referendum. A PDF of the advert can be seen: