Rankin, Antony Gormley and Axel Scheffler join leading artists in designing posters to support keeping Britain in the EU

Rankin, Antony Gormley and Axel Scheffler are amongst 14 internationally-renowned artists to unveil artwork specially designed to back Britain’s membership of the EU.

Created by each artist, the posters passionately demonstrate the benefits of EU membership and call on people to register to vote and then back remain on June 23rd.

Speaking about their designs, the artists reveal the range of driving forces behind their passion for Britain remaining in Europe, including securing the futures of young people, open travel around Europe, collaboration, culture and stability for the UK economy.
The list of artists that have produced posters is: Antony Gormley, Axel Scheffler, Bob & Roberta Smith, Dog & RabbitEva Rothschild, Ewan Mitchell, Jefferson Hack & Ferdinando Verderi (jointly designed), Jon Burgerman, Michael Craig-Martin, Michael Tierney, Rankin, Tacita Deanand Wolfgang Tilmans.
The posters can be seen and downloaded for free at
A limited number of the posters will be available for purchase on high quality paper and several are being made into t-shirts. Both will be available to buy via the Britain Stronger In Europe shop
Antony Gormley said: “The European project is creative, an opportunity to exercise imagination. It is the present form of the ongoing dynamic between geography and tribe. We have always been part of this evolving story and need to stay part of it. Britain has key role to play in the European Parliament, Commission and Councils, they are our opportunity to contribute to a collective future that is the result of much sacrifice.”

Axel Scheffler said: “Here are the children of the states of the European Union. Julia Donaldson's and my book ‘the Gruffalo’ has been translated into almost all the languages of the member states – it is a book that children of Europe can share. It could stand as a symbol of unity and diversity and cultural exchange. As a father and as a children's book illustrator, I care about the future of our readers. A unified and collaborating Europe has assured a largely peaceful development in Europe. For me, the EU is the best guarantee for a peaceful and prosperous future for Europe – it should not be put in jeopardy by Britain leaving.”
Bob and Roberta Smith said: “The EU has its inspiration in the post war desire for peace. It is an agent in creating peace and stability. It benefits business and builds the economic base for prosperity but beyond that it is fundamentally about peace. We have only got each other, let's work together. Vote to Remain in Europe.”
Dog & Rabbit said: “We think younger citizens who have still got most of their lives to live should make the choice whether they do so as Europeans or not. The decision should not be made by those who will not live very long with the consequences.”
Eva Rothschild said: “Britain is physically part of Europe, so why would we choose to distance ourselves from our closest neighbours and a whole community with a shared sense of history and identity? There are things that may need to be reformed within the EU but Britain can be part of that – we can play a role in the shaping of a future Europe but only by remaining within the union.”
Ewan Mitchell said: “My decision to support vote Remain comes down to two points. The EU bridges gaps between millions of people. I personally wouldn’t know half of my friends if it weren’t for the free movement that the EU offers. It is something we need to hold on to, but also build on. Whereas the Vote Leave campaign is championed by many of the worst right wing political figures in the UK, who want to shut us off both socially and politically.”
Jefferson Hack and Ferdinando Verderi said: “Together we are stronger than we are alone. I'm voting for a better future. Vote in and don't let someone else steal your say.”
Jon Burgerman said: “Being able to openly travel around Europe and meet and even collaborate with a host of companies, makers and artists not only transformed my practice but also my life. The ease and openness of these collaborations, allowing for the sharing of ideas, tools, products and work across so many countries and cultures is not possible anywhere else in the world. We would be a lot poorer culturally (and likely financially) without it.”
Michael Craig-Martin said: “I am shocked that there are many people of my generation, whose lives and standard of living have been immeasurably improved during the years of Britain’s membership, who now wish to deny these benefits to their children and their grandchildren. The EU has helped establish the longest period of peace in Europe in centuries. It has guaranteed democracy, the rule of law, civil liberties, and human rights across every member state. We should remember that these are our values, British values.”
Michael Tierney said: “One of the biggest and best changes since my childhood has been the ease with which you can now travel between here and countries on the continent. Why on earth would you vote to go backwards?”
Rankin said: “I’m no politician but in my opinion leaving Europe will split Britain. It will not unify it. Staying in, we stay stronger, yet still have our independence. We’re still British after all.”
Tacita Dean said: “The EU is an agent for peace and a vision for the future, not a return to our fractured and bloody past. There is no virtue in insularity. My question to those still equivocating is are Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and Vladimir Putin your natural bedfellows? With their endorsement of Brexit comes proof of the nasty nationalism at the heart of this referendum.”
Wolfgang Tillmans said: “The longer I immerse myself in the subject matter of the EU referendum, the more ludicrous the idea behind exiting without any strategy seems to me. A contribution, which Britain pays along with other wealthier members like Germany, helps raise standards throughout the EU and is money well spent, and not wasted. To insinuate, as Leavers do, that the money ‘saved’ will be spent on the NHS shows the wickedness of those behind the Leave campaigns.”