Over 200 UK entrepreneurs – from start-ups to household names – say we are stronger in Europe

Richard Reed, Vice Chair of Britain Stronger In Europe and Co-Founder of Innocent Drinks, has today launched Entrepreneurs for In, with an open letter from over 200 leading UK entrepreneurs.


The new network represents successful startups from all sectors across the UK who support Britain remaining a member of Europe - and believe that leaving would put their ability to expand their businesses at risk.

Signatories to the letter include:

  • Alex Chesterman, Founder and CEO of Zoopla
  • James Daunt, Founder of Daunt Books
  • Alex Asseily, Founder of Jawbone, State and Chiaro
  • Lloyd Dorfman CBE, Founder of Travelex and Chairman of The Office Group and Doddle
  • Martha Lane Fox CBE, Founder of Doteveryone and Co-Founder of Lucky Voice and
  • Mattias Ljungman, Partner, Atomico
  • Peter Williams, Founder and CEO of Jack Wills
  • Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of
  • Rumi Verjee, Founder of Domino's Pizza UK
  • Simon Woodroffe OBE, Founder of Yo! Sushi and Yotel
  • William Shu, Founder and CEO of Deliveroo
  • Anya Hindmarch, Founder of Anya Hindmarch
  • Arnaud Massenet, Founder and Director of Net a Porter and CEO and Director of de-pury Group
  • Dinesh Dhamija, President of TIE and Founder of
  • Giles Andrews, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Zopa

Writing in the letter, Richard Reed said:

"The economic shock of a vote to leave the EU would also be hugely damaging to our businesses. Leaving could lead to lost investment, missed opportunities and lost jobs.

The UK is currently the best place in Europe to launch and grow a business; leaving the European Union will undoubtedly undermine the ability of Britain’s entrepreneurs to start-up, innovate, and grow. It is simply not worth the risk."

Full text of the letter

We are the founders and CEOs of some of the UK’s most entrepreneurial businesses - from early stage start-ups to household names.

Every day, as we build our companies, we see the benefits of being able to do business within Europe’s single market of 500 million consumers, with one set of regulations across 28 countries, and the ability to recruit the brightest people here and across Europe.

Once the latest round of British-backed EU reforms have been completed, the European market for services, as well as digital products, will create even greater business opportunities for our firms.

Of course the EU isn’t perfect; but rather than cutting ourselves off from the opportunities it offers, it is better to be on the inside helping shape the rules of this market instead of just being subject to them.

The economic shock of a vote to leave the EU would also be hugely damaging to our businesses. Leaving could lead to lost investment, missed opportunities and lost jobs.

The UK is currently the best place in Europe to launch and grow a business; leaving the European Union will undoubtedly undermine the ability of Britain’s entrepreneurs to start-up, innovate, and grow. It is simply not worth the risk.


Adam Joyce Founder and Chief Scientist, Elliptic

Adarsh Radia Co-Founder, Kite Eyewear

Adrien Cohen Co-Founder, Tractable

Alastair Paterson Founder and CEO, Digital Shadows

Alastair Lukies CBE Chairman, Innovate Finance

Alejandro Vicente Grabovetsky Co-Founder and CEO, Avalon Ai

Alex Asseily Founder, Jawbone, State and Chiaro

Alex Chesterman Founder and CEO, Zoopla Property Group

Alex Depledge Founder,; and Chair, Coadec

Alex Francis Founder and CEO,

Alex Macpherson Octopus Ventures

Alexandra Chong Founder, Lulu

Alexandre Dalyac Co-Founder, Tractable

Alice Bentinck Co-Founder, Entrepreneur First

Alistair Hill Co-Founder and CEO, On Device Research

Ambarish Mitra Founder and CEO, Blippar

Andrew McLoughlin Founder, Huddle; and Partner, SoftTech VC

Andrew Jervis Founder and CEO, ClickMechanic

Andrew P. White Founder and CEO, FundApps

Andy Atkins-Krueger CEO, Webcertain Group Ltd

Andy Phillipps Co-Founder, Active Hotels (now; and Co-Founder and Chairman, Reevoo

Andy Williams Co-Founder and Technical Director, Adludio

Anya Hindmarch Founder, Anya Hindmarch

Arnaud Massenet Founder and Director, Net a Porter; and CEO and Director, de-pury Group

Arthur Kay Founder and CEO, Bio Bean

Ben Drury Founder, 7Digital

Ben Pugh Founder and CEO, Farmdrop

Bindi Karia Tech London Advocates Advisory Board

Brendan Gill CEO, OpenSignal

Brent Hoberman Co-Founder, Founders Factory,,, Founders.Forum

Brian Taylor Founder and CEO, PixelPin Ltd

Bronte Aurell, Founding Director, Scandinavian Kitchen

Brynne Herbert Founder and CEO, Move Guides

Candide Kirk Founder, Novellic

Cassandra Stavrou Co-Founder, Propercorn

Charlie Bradshaw Founder, Matrix Apa

Charlie Muirhead Founder and CEO, CognitionX

Charlie Osmond Chief Tease, TRIPTEASE

Charlie Thuillier Managing Director, Oppo Ice Cream

Chris Morling Founder and Managing Director, Dot Zinc

Chris Hancock CEO, Crowd2Fund

Christoph Rieche CEO, iwoca

Dale Vince Founder, Ecotricity

Damien Kimmelman Co-Founder and CEO, Duedil

Damon Oldcorn Managing Partner, Oldcorn and Oldcorn LLP

Daniel Benamran General Manager UK, BlaBlaCar

Darren Westlake CEO, Crowdcube

Dave Thompson Founder and CEO, Magictab

David Garfield CEO and Co-Founder, Garrison Technology

Debbie Wosskow CEO, LoveHomeSwap; and Chair, Sharing Economy UK

Dinesh Dhamija President, TIE; And Founder,

Dom Jackman Co-Founder, Escape the City

Dom Lewis Founder,

Doug Monro Co-Founder and CEO, Adzuna

Dylan McKee Co-Founder, SpreeTree

Eamon Jubbawy Co-Founder and COO, Onfido

Ed Dean Co-Founder, JETT customer experience

Edward Ungar Chief Commercial Officer, Onfido

Edward Wray Co-Founder, Betfair

Efe Cakarel Founder and CEO, MUBI

Eileen Burbidge Partner, Passion Capital

Emi Gal Founder and CEO, Brainient

Emily Brooke Founder and CEO, Blaze

Eric Van der Kleij Co-Founder and CEO, Adeptra, Level39, Tech City UK, Entiq

Ernesto Schmitt CEO and Co-Founder, Drivetribe

Evgeny Shadchnev Founder and CEO, Makers Academy

Fabien Riggall Founder and Director, Secret Cinema

Faith Forster Founder and CEO, Pinipa

Felix Leuschner CEO and Founder, Drover

Frances Toye Founder and CEO, The Unilink Group

Frankie Fox Co-Founder, The Foraging Fox

George Bevis Founder and CEO, TIDE

Ghislaine Boddington Founder / Creative Director, BDS Creative Ltd, body>data>space, and Women Shift Digital

Gideon Farrell Co-Founder and CTO, Converge

Giles Andrews Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Zopa

Giles Brook CEO - EMEA, Vita Coco; and Founding Partner, BEAR

Giles Williams Co-Founder and CTO, Urban Massage

Graeme Risby CEO and Co-Founder, HiyaCar

Graham Cooke CEO, Qubit

Greg Marsh Co-Founder and CEO, onefinestay

Guy Blaskey Founder, Pooch & Mutt

Guy Levin Executive Director, Coadec

Helen James CEO, Investis

Henry Harrison CTO and Co-Founder, Garrison Technology

Hillary Graves Founder, Little Dish

Hiroki Takeuchi CEO and Co-Founder, GoCardless

Howard Kingston Co-Founder, Adludio

Husayn Kassai Co-Founder and CEO, Onfido

Ian Livingston CBE Co-Founder, Games Workshop; and Chairman, Midoki, Playdemic and Sumo Digital

Itamar Lesuisse Co-Founder and CEO, Peak

Jacqueline Gold CEO, Ann Summers and Knickerbox

James Averdieck Founder, GÜ, and The Coconut Collaborative

James Daunt Founder, Daunt Books

James King Founder and CTO, Encore

James Smith Founder and CEO, Elliptic

James Cox CEO and Founder, Simbasleep

James Chappell Co-Founder and CTO, Digital Shadows

Jamie Graves CEO, ZoneFox

Jason Goodman Founder, Albion

Jeff Lynn Co-Founder and CEO, Seedrs

Jenny Griffith Founder, Snap Fashion

Jim Creegan Founder, Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Joe Cohen Founder and CEO, Property.Works

Joe Parry Founder and CEO, Cambridge Intelligence

John Earner Co-Founder and CEO, Space Ape Games

John Reid Founder, Repknight

Jonathan Williamson Co-Founder, Pimoroni

Jonathan Gan Founder and CEO, Whichit

Jonathan Newman CEO, Chi Ventures Ltd

Jos White Partner, Notion Capital; and Co-Founder, MessageLabs and Star

Jose Marin Co-Founder, IG Expansion

Jose Neves Founder, Farfetch

Julian Ranger Founder and Executive Chairman,

Julie Deane OBE Founder and CEO, The Cambridge Satchel Company

Julien Hammerson Chief Executive Officer, Calastone

Karen Jones CBE Co-Founder, Café Rouge, and Food and Fuel

Kate Shand Managing Director, Enjoy Education

Kate Unsworth Founder and CEO, VINAYA

Kevin Cornils CEO, MyOptique Group

Kieran Kunhya Founder, Open Broadcast Systems

Dr. Kim Nilsson CEO and Co-Founder, Pivigo

Laurence Kemball-Cook Founder and CEO, Pavegen

Liam Griffin Vice-Chairman and former CEO, Addison Lee

Liz Rice Co-Founder and CEO, Microscaling Systems

Lloyd Dorfman CBE Founder, Travelex; and Chairman, The Office Group and Doddle

Lopo Champalimaud Founder and CEO, Treatwell

Luke Scheybeler Co-Founder, Rapha, and Tracksmith

Luke Ferris CEO, laZook

Mairtin O'Riada Founder and CIO, Ravelin Technology Ltd

Marc Worth CEO, Stylus Media Group

Marcus Greenwood Co-Founder and CEO, Universal Basket

Mark Russell Co-Founder and COO, Universal Basket

Mark Sebba Former Chief Executive, The Net-a-Porter Group

Mark Martin Founder, Urban Teacher

Marta Krupinska Co-Founder and GM, Azimo

Martha Lane Fox CBE Founder, Doteveryone; and Co-Founder, Lucky Voice and

Martin Varsavsky Founder and Chairman, Fon

Martin Sweeney Founder and CEO, Ravelin Technology Ltd

Matt Clifford Co-Founder, Entrepreneur First

Mattias Ljungman Partner, Atomico

Maurice Helfgott Executive Chairman, Amery Capital

Merilee Karr Founder and CEO, UnderTheDoormat Ltd

Michael Kent Founder and CEO, Azimo

Dr. Mike Lynch OBE Invoke Capital

Mike MacCana Founder, CertSimple

Mike Tomkins Co-Founder, TopCashback

Neville Crawley CEO, Quid Inc

Niall Wass Entrepreneur in Residence, Atomico; and formerly CEO, Wonga

Niamh Barker Managing Director, The Travel Wrap Company

Nic Wistreich Co-Founder,; and Director,

Nicholas Denning Founder and CEO, Diegesis Limited

Nick Thomson Chief Revenue Officer, Workshare

Nick Lally Co-Founder and COO, Ravelin Technology Ltd

Nicolas De Santis Entrepreneur,

Niklas Zennström CEO and Founding Partner, Atomico

Ning Li Co-Founder and CEO,

Octavius Black, CEO, The Mind Gym

Oleg Fomenko Co-Founder and CEO, SweatCoin

Oliver Ragg Co-Founder, TopCashback

Olivia Sibony Co-Founder, Grub Club

Omar Moulani COO,

Pascal Auberson Founder, Lumacode Ltd

Eur Ing Paul Kaye Managing Director, IntelliQA Limited

Paul Lindley Founder, Ella's Kitchen; and Founder and CEO, Paddy's Bathroom

Paul Varga Founder and CEO, Playbrush

Paul Gardner Bougaard Chief Executive, RDO

Peter Brewin Co-Founder, Concrete Canvas

Peter Ward Co-Founder and CEO, WAYN

Peter Williams Founder and CEO, Jack Wills

Philip Alexander Founder, Mentorial

Prasanna Kannan Co-Founder, Native

Rahul Parekh Co-Founder and CEO, EatFirst

Raphael Scheps Co-Founder and CEO, Converge

Razvan Ranca Co-Founder, Tractable

Razwan Ghafoor CEO and Co-Founder, ThirdEye labs

Reshma Sohoni Founder, Seedcamp

Riccardo Zacconi CEO,

Rich Pleeth Founder, Sup app

Richard Harpin Founder and Chief Executive, Homeserve

Richard Reed Co-Founder, Innocent, and Jam Jar Investments

Rishi Chowdhury Co-Founder, IncuBus Ventures

Roberta Lucca Co-Founder, Bossa Studios, WonderLuk and BOLDR

Robin Klein Co-Founder, LocalGlobe

Ross Williams Founder and CEO, Venntro Media Group

Rumi Verjee Founder, Domino’s Pizza UK

Russ Shaw Founder, Tech London Advocates

Rytis Vitkauskas Founder and CEO, YPlan

Sam Amrani Founder and Executive Chairman, Tamoco and Crowdit

Sandy Forster Co-Founder and Sales Director, Pinipa

Saul Klein Co-Founder, Lovefilm, Seedcamp, Kano and Localglobe

Shaun Dowling CEO, Interpretive

Shelley Taylor Founder and CEO, Trellyz

Sherry Coutu CBE Serial Entrepreneur

Simon Woodroffe OBE Founder, YO! Sushi and YOTEL

Simon Calver Chair, Chemist Direct

Simon Hudson Founder and Director, Cloud2 Ltd

Stuart Laidlaw Co-Founder and CEO, Cyberlytic

Taavet Hinrikus CEO and Co-Founder, TransferWise

Tamara Lohan MBE Founder and CTO, Mr & Mrs Smith

Taras Chaban CEO, Sybenetix

Thomas Purchas CTO and Co-Founder, ThirdEye labs

Tim Hill Co-Founder and Director, Keyzapp

Toby Mather Founder and CEO, Lingumi

Tom Mercer Founder and MD, MOMA Foods

Tom Griffin CEO, RipJar

Tom Robinson Founder and COO, Elliptic

Tom Adeyoola CEO and Founder, Metail

Virginia Choy Co-Founder and COO, PretaGov

Dr. Vivian Chan Co-Founder and CEO, Sparrho

Wil Benton Co-Founder, Chew

Will Crawford Co-Founder, Concrete Canvas

William Shu Founder and CEO, Deliveroo

Zehan Wang Co-Founder and CTO, Magic Pony Technology