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Your mortgage could rise by £900

Your mortgage could rise by £900 every year if we vote to leave the EU, according to the latest economic analysis. Rising mortgage rates will hit UK families and first-time buyers trying to get on the housing ladder. Vote REMAIN on June 23rd to protect hardworking families.

9 out of 10 economists agree leaving Europe would damage UK economy

NINE out of TEN economists - and experts including Martin Lewis and Richard Branson - agree that leaving Europe would hurt our economy. That means you and your family would be worse off, and facing years of uncertainty. Vote REMAIN for a more secure future for your family.

We just don't know

"We just don't know" - The four words that sum up the Leave campaign. You know what you get if we remain in Europe - lower prices, more jobs and a stronger economy. Leaving is a leap in the dark that none of us can afford to take.

Seven former police chiefs: "Leaving Europe would make us less safe"

Seven of Britain’s most senior former police chiefs have today united to say that “Britain will be safer inside the European Union”, while “leaving Europe would make us less safe”.

John Major on Brexit

Everyone needs to watch this: John Major demolishes the “dishonest” Leave Campaign for "misleading the public". WATCH and SHARE this important video - as John Major accuses the Leave Campaign of playing “Russian Roulette” with people’s futures.

Midwives for IN

The Royal College of Midwives are a respected organisation who KNOW what’s good for our NHS, and for women and babies in Britain. They say a vote to leave could “compromise” their ability to look after parents and babies. Another reason our NHS - and our health - is better off IN Europe. Now let’s make sure we keep it...

Former Labour Leaders unite to make the progressive case for British membership of the EU

All six former leaders of the Labour Party have come together to say that Britain is stronger in Europe, and that the EU stands for the same values that Labour represents.

Leave Campaign can't guarantee everyone will keep their current job after brexit

IMPORTANT: Tonight the Leave campaign admitted that British jobs will be lost if we leave Europe. WATCH and SHARE this important admission - everyone needs to know that jobs and pay cheques are on the line in this referendum.

Brexit and your family

One of the questions we’re asked most often is “how would leaving the EU affect me and my family?” In less than two minutes, this brand new animation answers that question. How would YOU be affected by a vote to leave? Watch and SHARE.

Top investors warn UK start-ups would be "biggest victims" of EU exit

A group of leading investors behind hundreds of British success stories - including Just Eat, Deliveroo, Betfair, Transferwise and Asos - have warned that tech start-ups would be the “biggest victims” of a vote to leave the EU.