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David Cameron and the positive case for REMAIN

IMPORTANT: Tonight, the Prime Minister set out a confident, positive and patriotic case for a stronger future in Europe for Britain. Meanwhile, Nigel Farage failed to set out a plan for what Britain would look like out of Europe. It’s clearer than ever: we’re stronger IN. Please watch and SHARE.

Don't lose our seat at the table

As part of the EU, we sit at the table when the big decisions that affect our lives are made - on trade, the economy, international relations and climate change. Leave the EU, and we lose our seat at the table - and our influence in the world.

David Cameron on Leave untruths

MUST-WATCH: The Leave campaign have been “telling complete untruths to the British people”. The Prime Minister shoots down six of their claims one by one. Please SHARE his words - people need facts in this referendum, not the Leave campaign’s untruths.

We went to prison for your vote

It’s been almost 90 years since women got full voting rights in Britain – thanks to the bravery of the suffragettes. Today, hundreds of thousands of women are not registered to vote in this referendum. Make sure you have your say - REGISTER today.

Economic Reality Check for leave campaigners

Today sees six important economic warnings which are an economic reality check about the devastating impact of the UK leaving Europe.

Exports would take decades to get over Brexit, says trade chief

It could take Britain decades to disentangle its trading relations with the EU and negotiate new ties with the rest of the world after Brexit, the head of the World Trade Organisation has warned.

Presenting Nigel Farage

Here's leading Leave spokesman, Nigel Farage, in his own words. He'll be voting leave on 23 June. Share this video if you don’t want to live in Farage’s Britain.

6 reasons you need to vote remain

Want to know what being in Europe means to you and your family? Here are SIX important reasons to vote remain on 23 June – from more jobs to lower prices and a stronger future.

Major parties back remain

In an unprecedented display of cross-party support, David Cameron, Harriet Harman, Tim Farron & Natalie Bennett stood together today, challenging the Leave campaign on their total lack of a plan for the British economy. Whether you’re Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or Green, it’s clear we’re all stronger in Europe – WATCH and SHARE.

IFS slam Vote Leave for NHS funding claims

In a strongly-worded intervention, the Institute for Fiscal Studies have slammed Leave campaigner Michael Gove for claiming that their research proved that leaving the EU would leave an extra £8bn to spend on the NHS.