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Sacrificing influence and control is not a price worth paying

Opportunities and risks come with both staying and leaving the EU. Politicians have handed the electorate a tough job.They are not being helped by absurd claims and distortions of the truth in the campaign. Many voters are sick of it, and almost everyone is weary and confused.

Stephen Hawking on leaving Europe

What does Stephen Hawking think about Europe and the EU referendum? WATCH now - then share his views on why it’s so important to work together to secure a stronger future.

Nigel Farage: So what?

If we left Europe, the pound would fall - pushing up prices and hitting UK jobs and UK families. Nigel Farage’s response to this? ‘So what?’ Please share so everyone knows leaving Europe would hit hardworking families.

Archbishop of Canterbury says 'I'm voting In'

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, explains why he is voting in: "At the heart of Britain’s Christian heritage are certain glorious principles. They are what make the best of our nation, whether we are Christians, of another faith or of no faith. They come from Jesus’s teaching, especially in the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes.

Out of Europe, out of work

Almost one in 10 jobs in Britain are linked to our trade with the EU – that’s more than THREE MILLION jobs. Even the Leave campaign admit that jobs will be lost if we vote to leave. Vote leave for job losses, vote remain for more jobs and a stronger future – it’s as simple as that.

Johnny Vegas nails it...

Johnny Vegas nails it...

We just don't know

"We just don't know" - that's what Leave campaigners like Boris Johnson say when asked what life would be like for you and your family if we left Europe. They have no plan, and no idea what damage would be done to jobs, prices and your family's future. It's clear we're stronger IN.

Who are the Leave campaign backing?

Euro 2016 is about to kick off, and the Leave campaign STILL can't decide whether they’re backing Albania, Switzerland, Ukraine, Iceland…or pretty much any other country out there. They’ve got no plan for Britain outside Europe. We know that kicking ourselves out of Europe and the Single Market would devastate our economy. Britain is stronger IN.

Don't let them gamble with your future

Don’t roll the dice on your family’s future in this referendum. Vote REMAIN on 23 June for more jobs, more security and a stronger future for you and your family.

Ed Miliband speech on why Labour voters must vote Remain

Speaking at an event in central London today, Ed Miliband said:"I am pleased to be opening this conference.