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Labour says vote remain

More jobs, workers’ rights protected and a stronger future for you and your family – only by voting Remain on Thursday. Don’t take a risk with your family’s future. Vote Remain in this crucial referendum.

Stop others fucking with your future

WATCH and SHARE: Keira Knightley explains in 30 seconds why you shouldn’t let someone else decide your future for you. Make sure you’re voting REMAIN on 23 June.

Post Brexit legal tangle would be a lawyers’ bonanza

Most of us will know that one of the main charges being levelled against the Leave campaign is that they have failed to answer the key question – what the UK will look like if we do vote to leave.

Bumps in the road

Tonight Michael Gove dismissed the chaos that would come from leaving Europe as “bumps in the road”. Small businesses hit. Jobs lost. UK families worse off. SHARE this video so everyone knows that these “bumps in the road” will hit hardworking families across our country.

Britain should vote to stay in the EU - The FT

In seven days, the British will decide. The referendum on EU membership marks an historic moment. At stake is Britain’s often troubled relationship with Europe, but also the coherence of the west. A vote to withdraw would be irrevocable, a grievous blow to the post-1945 liberal world order. David Cameron’s referendum gamble has proved to be...

Tata Steel: single market access "fundamental to our business"

Responding to Tata Steel writing to its employees to highlight the benefits of EU membership to the business, Aberavon MP Stephen Kinnock said:

Tom Watson on Brexit

Thank you friends. Welcome to Granary Square.There are few better places to make a speech about Britain’s future in the European Union.

Markets panic over Brexit fears

Even the possibility of leaving Europe has triggered what Bloomberg describe as a financial “panic attack” - worse even the 2008 recession or the Scottish referendum. If we vote to leave, it’s clear that our economy would be hit - costing jobs and hitting UK families. Leaving Europe is a risk not worth taking – vote REMAIN on 23 June....

Leaving EU would spark deep spending cuts & sharp tax rises, warn George Osborne & Alistair Darling

Today, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and former Chancellor Alistair Darling will come together to warn that an emergency Budget involving tens of billions of pounds of spending cuts and tax rises will be necessary to plug a black hole in the public finances if Britain votes to leave the EU next week.

Sadiq Khan on Brexit

"Protecting jobs, wages and rights for working people" - Labour’s Sadiq Khan is clear on why he’s backing Remain. READ and share this important article from the Mayor of London on why voting remain will secure a stronger future for UK families.