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New research suggests cost of leaving EU at least £11bn

New research has revealed that leaving the EU could cost the UK at least £11bn - as without access to free trade across the EU we'd have to pay more to import goods.

EU essential to UK security, say former Home Secretaries

Being in Europe, working together and sharing intelligence with other EU countries, is essential to Britain's national security, six former Home Secretaries have written in a letter to the Times.

UK exports have boomed under EU trade deals

New analysis shows that British exports have boomed thanks to EU free trade deals, helping UK businesses create more jobs and opportunities.

Report: leaving means losing control

A new report shows that every alternative to EU Membership suggested by Out Campaigners would mean Britain’s power over our economic affairs weakening - and would lead to a loss of control.

Roaming charges scrapped thanks to action by the EU

Action by the EU means mobile roaming charges are to be SCRAPPED – great news for British families.

Leaving Europe means: STILL PAY but LOSE OUR SAY

An important weekend as the Out Campaign admit jobs are at risk - and it becomes clear they have no alternative to being part of the EU.

Businesses better off IN, say CBI

A report from leading business group, the CBI, has stressed that “For business, the benefits of EU membership outweigh the disadvantages.”

Independent report: 790,000 new UK jobs if we stay in

Staying in Europe could add £58bn a year to the UK economy and bring 790,000 jobs to Britain according to a new independent study.

NUS President: Britain’s students stronger in Europe

Megan Dunn, the President of the National Union of Students (NUS), has joined the Board of Britain Stronger in Europe – and written an important piece on why British students are stronger in Europe:

Stuart Rose joins as Campaign Chair

We're delighted to announce that Lord Stuart Rose, the former Executive Chair of Marks and Spencer, has been appointed the new Chair of Britain Stronger In Europe.