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Richard Branson - Europe has done “great things for Britain"

Europe has done “great things for Britain… we’ve already got a very good deal in Europe" – Sir Richard Branson speaks out on the referendum.

Will Straw - Brexit campaigners have conceded UK outside the EU wouldn’t have access to the single market

3 Million jobs are linked to our trade with the EU

Jobs are at the heart of this referendum. Remaining in Europe means more UK jobs and more security for UK families.

Paid Holidays & Maternity Leave

Paid holidays, maternity & paternity leave: all these rights are guaranteed under EU law. Leaving could put all of them at risk.

Karren Brady on being in Europe for the best of both worlds

I see the upcoming EU referendum entirely from the perspective of what is best for Britain.

For every £1 we put in the EU, we get £10 back

Imagine if every partnership gave us so much in return. For every £1 we put into the EU, we get almost £10 back through increased trade, investment, jobs, growth and lower prices. 

UK holidaymakers get a better deal because of the EU

The EasyJet boss, Carolyn McCall, has stressed that UK travellers enjoy "huge benefits" as part of the EU, including cheaper flights and cheaper calls with an end to roaming charges.

The US has a profound interest in the UK remaining in the EU

The United States is one of our most important trading and diplomatic partners - and they're clear that Britain is stronger in Europe.

Putin would shed no tears

President Putin would 'shed no tears' if the UK voted to leave the EU, and would see it as a 'sign of our weakness'. Stark warning from Hilary Benn, the Shadow Foreign Secretary. Britain is Stronger IN.

Scotland Stronger In Europe launch

The Scottish arm of Britain Stronger In Europe, campaigning for the UK to stay in the European Union at the forthcoming referendum, was formally launched at a reception in Edinburgh on Wednesday.