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10 ways being in the EU strengthens UK defence

From fighting ISIL in Syria and Iraq to tackling cross-border crime and terrorism, we’re far better off working with our neighbours than out on our own.

Give young people a chance today for Britain to thrive

By Karren Brady

Pound falls to lowest level in 9 years

The Leave Campaigners want to pretend there's no risk in leaving Europe.

Business leaders sign letter backing UK in EU

Business leaders, who together employ over one million people in the UK, have signed an important letter explaining that Britain's economy is stronger in Europe - and that leaving would "deter investment and threaten jobs":

Nigel Farage wants to leave the world's largest market

MAJOR ADMISSION from Nigel Farage and the Leave Campaign: 

This could happen to your pound if we leave the EU

Even the possibility of leaving Europe has today seen the pound sink to a seven-year low against the dollar.  

Dan Jarvis on why Britain in Europe is the patriotic case

Being part of Europe means having more influence and playing a 'key role on a global stage'.

It's official - the referendum will be held June 23rd

It’s official – on Thursday 23 June, we’ll face the biggest choice in a generation with your vote in the EU referendum.  

Leave Campaigns criticise a deal they've spent years calling for

MUST WATCH: the Leave Campaigns are trying to criticise a deal they've spent years calling for.

The 10 questions the Leave campaigns must answer

We hope to see the completion of the Prime Minister’s renegotiating package shortly. This would make Britain even stronger in Europe and is something the country should get behind.