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Hitting UK businesses & Families: the alternatives to the EU

Every alternative to EU membership proposed by Leave Campaigners would hit UK businesses and families.

Leave campaigners are “trying to sell people a fantasy”

In a major speech today, Peter Mandelson, board member of Britain Stronger In Europe, argued that those who want Britain to leave the European Union are “trying to sell people a fantasy” on trade, and the alternatives trading relationship Britain could have with the EU were we to leave. He was speaking today at a speech to the Institute of...

Leaving Europe would create “uncertainty” - Boris Johnson's senior advisor

Boris Johnson’s Chief Economic Adviser accepts that leaving Europe would create “uncertainty”. 

No-one knows what Britain out of Europe would look like

No-one knows what Britain out of Europe would look like – even Leave Campaigners don’t have a clue.

What does Leave look like?

Those campaigning for Britain to leave Europe have no clear or credible plan for what Britain's future looks like outside Europe.

WATCH the Prime Minister support our campaign

'We will be better off, we will be stronger and we will be safer if we stay in a reformed Europe'

5 things that cost less because we're in the EU

Did you know that Britain’s EU membership means everyday items are cheaper for you and your family?

Want to know why you and your family are better off in Europe?

Here are the key facts you need to know in just 30 seconds.

Only inside the EU can the UK help fight global poverty

The UK is a global leader in international development. 

The value of the £ could plummet by 20%

The value of your pound could plummet by as much as A FIFTH if we leave the EU, according to new analysis by Goldman Sachs.