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Unprecedented support for Britain remaining in Europe from economists, scientists and academic experts

10 Nobel Prize-winning economists say “the economic arguments are clearly in favour of remaining in the EU”; Over 5,000 scientists sign statement say leaving the EU would “stifle our science, innovation and jobs”; Over 1,000 academics at UK universities say: “The interests of British universities and the knowledge economy they represent, as well as the...

Standing in a kebab shop

Leave Europe and the UK could end up “standing in a kebab shop arguing about whose fault it is”. A great Facebook post from Iain Black inspired this video. Watch, enjoy and - most importantly - SHARE.

Britain doesn't quit

BRITAIN DOESN'T QUIT - the clear message from David Cameron in tonight's debate. Watch and share as the Prime Minister highlights the Leave Campaign's false claims - and explains why being in Europe boosts our economy and our influence in the world.

Monetary Policy Committee warns possibility of EU exit is already damaging Britain's economy

The possibility of British exit from the EU is already damaging the British economy, the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee has said today in their starkest warning of the risks to Britain’s economy of leaving the EU.

"Divided we fall" A vote to leave the European Union would diminish both Britain and Europe

The Economist's leading article, 17 June 2016 THE peevishness of the campaigning has obscured the importance of what is at stake. A vote to quit the European Union on June 23rd, which polls say is a growing possibility, would do grave and lasting harm to the politics and economy of Britain. The loss of one of the EU’s...

Europe was key to my $1bn funding, Gates warns

Bill Gates, the world’s wealthiest man and the most generous philanthropist, warns today that Britain will be a “significantly less attractive place to do business and invest” if outside the European Union.

RICHARD BRANSON on why he's voting Remain

In almost 50 years of business, I have launched hundreds of new ventures. There is an enormous thrill in starting something from scratch – the excitement of entering a new market, of building a team, the fun of disrupting the status quo.

Jo Cox

Jo Cox was a strong, passionate voice in our campaign to remain in Europe. Below is her last article - reprinted in today's papers - on why it’s so important we stay in - please read and share:


Newspapers from right across the political spectrum are today calling for the British public to vote remain in Thursday’s referendum. Here’s what they had to say.

Gordon Brown on Europe

"The biggest job creator over the next ten years is going to be the Single Market of the European Union." That’s why mothers and fathers thinking of their children’s future should vote to stay in. WATCH and SHARE: Former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown says vote remain for more jobs, more opportunities and a stronger future.