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Peter Mandelson: Leave campaigners want Britain to "pay more for less"

‘Pay more for less’ - former Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson takes apart the Leave Campaign’s suggestion of a Canada-style model if we leave the EU.

WATCH: 100 days to secure our future in Europe

We have just 100 days left to secure our future on 23 June.

100 ways the Leave campaigns lost the economic argument

Trade union people and employees don’t always agree. But on this huge decision we are united. Britain is safer, stronger and better off in Europe. 

9 ways the EU makes your holidays better

Three leading travel organisations have said that Britain leaving the EU would be 'disastrous' for the tourism industry in a new report by the Association of British Holidaymakers (ABTA).

Jeremy Clarkson backs staying in the EU

Today none other than Jeremy Clarkson has spoken out in favour of staying.

"Black hole" in Leave campaign's spending figures

The Leave campaigns want you to believe that the UK could continue to enjoy membership of the single market while avoiding contributions to the EU budget. 

Boris Johnson speech: one basic error every 80 seconds

In his speech this morning, Boris Johnson argued that Britain should try to agree a Canada-style free trade agreement with the EU were we to leave, which would put jobs at risk and prices in danger of rising. 

Leaving the EU could cost farmers an extra £330m per year

One of the many UK industries that would be hit hard if we left the EU is farming. More than 90% of our lamb and beef exports go to the EU, and the industry employs almost half a million people.

PM: Here's why we're better off in Europe

Today the Prime Minister gave an important speech outlining the facts that mean Britain's economy is stronger and better off in Europe.  Here's the full transcript - read this important speech and simply click the button below to tweet this to your followers:    

More than 150 top scientists explain why leaving the EU would be a disaster

Stephen Hawking is among more than 150 eminent scientists who have come out in favour of staying in the European Union, arguing that leaving the EU could be a “disaster for science”.