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The reasons we're stronger in

All over the country, thousands of people like you are talking about the reasons why we’re stronger and better off in Europe.

So which is it Boris?

The leave campaigns contradict themselves every few days – it’s clear they have NO idea what Britain out of Europe looks like.

Ed Miliband: ‘If Britain left the European Union, it would not serve a progressive, optimistic agenda."

The Leave campaigns oppose anything from Europe, including crucial protections to UK workers' rights and our environment.

Being in the EU is simply better for business

More jobs, lower prices, less paperwork – and it’s as easy to deliver to Berlin as it is to Birmingham. No wonder 81% of small businesses say they want to stay IN Europe.

CBI & PwC: Leaving the EU could cost 1million jobs

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) & PwC has warned that leaving the EU could cost the UK almost a million jobs & 5% of GDP. Here's the full story of this important intervention (via PoliticsHome):

John Major on why we must remain in the EU

Writing in today’s Sunday Telegraph, former Prime Minister John Major has called for the UK to remain in the EU. Here’s the full text of his important piece.

Your family would lose £850 if we leave the EU

New academic analysis shows that even in the best case scenario, leaving the EU would cost you AT LEAST £850, and could cost up to £1,700 per household every year.

Andy Burnham speech

This afternoon, the Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham gave a speech in Liverpool in which he outlined what he calls the “patriotic case for Britain remaining in the EU”.

Across a range of industries, businesses are better off IN

Across a huge range of sectors right across the spectrum, leaders from every part of British business have said one thing – that we’re stronger and better off as part of the EU. 

Eight out of ten UK businesses back staying IN Europe

The CBI (Confederation of British Industry) has revealed in a new survey of nearly 800 businesses across the UK that eight out of ten back staying IN the EU, with just 1 in 20 backing a vote to leave.