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You can't trust Vote Leave on the NHS

MUST WATCH: you can't trust Leave Campaigners on the NHS - they have spent their careers campaigning for it to be cut and privatised.

3million jobs are linked to our trade with the EU

IMPORTANT: over 3 million UK jobs are linked to our trade with the EU (Source: HM Treasury).

John Key, the New Zealand PM: "It's a stronger position for Britain to be in Europe."

Another of our international allies makes clear they support Britain staying in Europe - with John Key, the New Zealand PM, stressing: "It's a stronger position for Britain to be in Europe."

UK prices are £200 cheaper per household thanks to EU free trade

A report by the London School of Economics (LSE) reveals households could save up to £200 on lower prices per year thanks to EU free trade agreements. 

Stronger In applies for official lead 'Remain' campaign designation

This week, Stronger In applied to become the official campaign to keep Britain stronger, safer and better off in Europe. Read why it's so important to win this crucial vote from a range of our supporters.

Leave campaigns can’t be trusted on UK steel

This week, the Leave campaigns has called for more action from the UK government to protect the UK steel industry. However, they haven't always supported UK steel. 

Designation for lead campaign deadline day

Today is the deadline for applications to become the lead campaign for the referendum.

Bank of England warns of increased mortgages if we vote to leave

Warnings don’t come much clearer than this – the Bank of England’s analysis shows that Brexit would mean higher mortgage rates for you and your family.

EMMA REYNOLDS: Leaving the EU would damage our NHS

Emma Reynolds, MP for Wolverhampton North East & political champion for Britain Stronger in Europe, writes today about how crucial the NHS is for everyone and why we need to remain in Europe to safeguard our NHS: 

Nicky Morgan: Leaving the EU risks a lost generation

Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, warned in a speech today that a vote to leave the EU risks creating a lost generation.