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MUST-WATCH: Former Chancellor Alistair Darling on the risks of Brexit to the economy

MUST-WATCH: It’s a straight choice between more jobs, lower prices and a stronger economy if we stay IN, or risking a leap into the unknown if we leave, says former Chancellor Alastair Darling.

Jeremy Corbyn on why we're Stronger in Europe

Today, Jeremy Corbyn set out his – and Labour’s – compelling case as to why Britain is stronger and better off in Europe, covering everything from the economy and jobs to climate change and workers’ rights.

Talk to Gran campaign

Being in Europe gives young people opportunities to study, live and travel abroad: benefits which could be lost if we vote to leave.

IMF warning on #Brexit

"A vote to leave would set off a process of two years, a lengthy divorce, with a very uncertain settlement at the end"  

WATCH: Leave Europe and risk losing our seat at the table

Leaving Europe means losing our seat at the table - and losing our say on the big decisions that affect jobs, prices and the world we live in.  

David Miliband: Why Brexit would be nothing less than an act of political arson

Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband has today written an article on how Brexit would mean "throw[ing] away our power and our values.".  See the full article below:

IMF's warning on Brexit

BREAKING: global economic body the IMF has issued a stark warning about the severe damage to the UK economy if we left the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn on the EU

Protecting workers’ rights and the environment - that's why Jeremy Corbyn said today he supports remaining in Europe.

Vote leave boss: Europe's single market is 'not important'

Being in Europe’s single market is ‘not important’. Those were the words of leading Leave campaigner Lord Lawson today.

Leave Europe and lose our seat at the table

Britain needs to remain at the top table, helping to make the big decisions that affect all our lives. We can only do that as part of the EU.