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Bank of England Governor warns: "potentially higher mortgage rates" if we leave the EU

Important warning from the Bank of England Governor: mortgage rates could rise if we leave the EU.

US Treasury Secretaries: UK economy and influence stronger in Europe

Former US Treasury Secretaries have today written a letter in support of Britain remaining in the EU, stressing that the UK economy and UK influence is stronger as part of Europe. The full letter is below:

Over 200 UK entrepreneurs – from start-ups to household names – say we are stronger in Europe

Richard Reed, Vice Chair of Britain Stronger In Europe and Co-Founder of Innocent Drinks, has today launched Entrepreneurs for In, with an open letter from over 200 leading UK entrepreneurs.  

WATCH: The facts about Europe

Want the facts about the EU referendum? See what Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, the Bank of England and other finance experts say leaving Europe would mean for you and your family.

Bill Gates believes benefits of being in the EU "greatly exceed" being out

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has come out in support of continued European Union membership for the UK. In an interview to the Financial Times:

MUST-WATCH: Want to know what Brexit means for you and your family?

MUST-WATCH: Want to know what Brexit means for you and your family? New analysis from the Treasury shows a vote to leave the EU would hit the UK economy and cost every household £4,300 a year.

Treasury analysis: UK families would be worse off if we left EU

Writing in today’s Times, George Osborne discusses the new analysis from the Treasury on the effects of leaving the EU on UK families.

Leave campaigns don't know what out looks like

The Leave campaigns don’t have a clue what the UK out of Europe looks like. It’s been Switzerland, Canada, Norway and now they think we should pursue a deal like Turkey.

EU referendum news roundup

More than 25 former NUS national presidents: Remaining in Europe is the right choice for students and young people

Yvette Cooper: “You can’t get reform if you stay on the outside.”

“You can’t get reform if you stay on the outside.”