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Carphone Warehouse founder on why Britain is Stronger In

Charles Dunstone, founder of Carphone Warehouse and one of Britain’s top entrepreneurs, has built his business on taking risks - but he’s clear that leaving Europe is an "unnecessary and dangerous risk” that should be avoided:

Using your mobile abroad just got cheaper

Because we're in the EU, your summer holiday will be cheaper this summer.

Millionaire Leave campaigner Arron Banks

Millionaire Leave Campaigner Arron Banks was asked what he thought about UK families being hit by higher prices if we leave Europe.

Experts supporting Britain remaining in Europe

On Europe even we can agree: for British workers it’s better in

The Prime Minister and former head of the Trade Unions Congress, Brendan Barber, don't agree on every issue: but on staying in the EU, they're united in their support of remaining in the EU. Writing in the Guardian today, they argue that in order to protect working people, you need a strong and stable economy. Only staying in Europe can ensure...

Brexit is a tax

"Brexit is a tax" - that's the warning today from leading economic think-tank the OECD.

Nigel Farage on the Today programme

MUST WATCH: Nigel Farage can't name ONE serious economic organisation that thinks the UK would be better off if we left Europe.

Alan Johnson on the social dimension of Europe

Paid holiday, parental leave, rights for part-time staff and temporary workers – Labour MP Alan Johnson ticks off just some of the many workers’ rights protected by the EU.

PM of Albania: It’s absurd to drag Albania into the battle for Brexit

Last week, Michael Gove from the Leave campaign claimed that Britain should pursue a 'Albania-style' deal if we vote to leave the EU. This claim was so bewildering that even the Albanian PRIME MINISTER has spoken out to tell them they’re wrong. Here, the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, explains why Albania does not provide a model for Britain to follow....

Top engineering firms warn: Brexit would hit UK engineering

Chief executives and directors of some of the UK's top engineering firms wrote a letter outlining how leaving the EU would affect the industry: