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£4,300 - the cost of Brexit to UK households

£4,300 - that's the cost of leaving the EU for every household, according to official analysis by HM Treasury. And the IMF, the Bank of England and the World Bank agree: our economy is better IN Europe - please SHARE to let friends know.

Harriet Harman delivers speech on how women are stronger in Europe

Speaking at Lloyds of London today, former Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman argued that Britain’s women are stronger, safer and better off thanks to British membership of the EU. And she said that leaving would put women’s rights and jobs at risk.

IMF on Brexit: "pretty bad to very, very bad"

In the space of two days, the IMF and the Bank of England - two huge, independent financial institutions – have warned that leaving the EU could spark a recession, and the effects would vary from “pretty bad to very, very bad”.

Bank of England inflation report warns: Uncertainty already has an effect on Sterling

The Governor of the Bank of England could not be clearer: leaving the EU would lead to the pound falling, unemployment rising – and could even lead to recession. It is a risk we cannot afford to take. WATCH and SHARE this crucial video and keep Britain's economy stronger IN Europe.

"Insecurity is fantastic"

Billionaire Brexit donor Peter Hargreaves says the insecurity caused by leaving Europe would be "fantastic" - insecurity that would cost jobs, cause prices to rise and hit your family finances. Please SHARE this graphic so everyone knows what the Leave Campaign really think.

Almost 200 economists: it would be a "major mistake" to leave the EU

Almost 200 economists have written in The Times today that we're better off IN Europe - here's the full text of their letter:  Sir, Focusing entirely on the economics, we consider that it would be a major mistake for the UK to leave the European Union. Leaving would entail significant long-term costs. The size of these costs would depend on...

Gordon Brown: Britain is Stronger IN

"This is a remarkable achievement: the height of civilisation that 28 nations with different languages, different traditions, different customs are able to find a way to cooperate with each other." Please WATCH and SHARE the highlights of Gordon Brown’s stirring speech this morning.

Deloitte survey finds leaving EU biggest risk facing UK businesses

A Deloitte European CFO Survey published today (11th May) has found that Chief Financial Officers in leading UK companies now rank leaving the EU as the most significant risk facing their business. 83% of UK CFOs now rate the level of economic uncertainty facing their business as high and just 1% as low, a net increase of 11% since the previous...

UK Statistics Authority "disappointed" that Vote Leave continues to use "potentially misleading" figure

The Chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, Sir Andrew Dilnot, has again criticised the Vote Leave campaign for claiming that the UK sends £350 million a week to the EU.

Arron Banks: If it were up to me, I'd privatise the NHS

Leave campaigner Arron Banks wants to PRIVATISE our NHS – and he’s not the only Leave campaigner saying that.