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The Archbishop of York will put his faith in staying with EU

Today the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, is set to back remaining in the European Union. You can read the full article on the Times website. Below are highlights:

Remarks by Chris Leslie MP to IoD ‘Business & Brexit’ Conference

Thank you for hosting this conference today. We’re at a crucial stage of the referendum debate and it’s not just a political question: many British businesses, investors and markets are anxiously awaiting the result.

John McDonnell on Brexit

Workers' rights are at stake in this referendum – as Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell made clear today. WATCH & SHARE if you believe workers' rights are worth protecting.

Sir Ian McKellen on why we're Stronger In

Today is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. In other words, it is a day to raise awareness of the discrimination, which all too often leads to violence against LGBT people around the world. The day was chosen because it marks the historic decision to remove homosexuality from the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases, just 26 years ago.

Rachel Reeves: Vote Leave are guilty of deception, the single market is vital for Britain

The governor of the Bank of England said yesterday that the leave campaign is in denial about the impact Brexit would have on the UK economy. Today Vote Leave are also guilty of deception.

Ryanair CEO Michael OLeary on Brexit

CEO Michael O’Leary is clear: Ryanair creates jobs and invests in the UK – but that WILL be lost if we vote to leave. WATCH and SHARE these important words from an independent business leader – UK jobs are at risk unless we vote to stay stronger IN Europe.

Ruth Davidson: this cussed and messy nation should lead not leave

Voters in Scotland can be forgiven for suffering from referendum fatigue at the moment. Less than two years since the independence referendum, the country is once again preparing to decide its future. The arguments, on the surface, appear familiar. For Yes v No, replace Out v In. We are urged to back separation, not this time by Alex Salmond, but...

Oxford Historian on Brexit

If the UK left Europe, “we wouldn’t have half the clout that we have at the moment” - says Oxford professor Timothy Garton Ash, an expert on European history. WATCH and SHARE this important analysis.

Bank of England: Brexit would hit UK

The governor of the Bank of England is one of the most authoritative and trusted voices in the EU referendum campaign. Today he was clear once again: a vote to leave could lead to fewer jobs, lower wages and British businesses going out of business. WATCH and SHARE - our economy is only stronger if we stay IN Europe.

Any chance of making your mind up, guys?

We reckon Eurovision must be the Leave campaign’s most difficult night of the year – after all, they can’t decide whether Britain should be like Albania, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or pretty much any other country out there. It’s time for them to start making their mind up – as for us, we know that we’re stronger IN Europe.