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What would Brexit mean for the NHS?

What do doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals think about the EU referendum? Hear from NHS workers as they explain why a vote to remain is the healthiest choice for you and your family – and for our NHS.

Vote Leave misleading public over Turkey

FACT: Every EU member state can prevent any other country from joining the EU. As the Leave campaign prove in this must-watch video, they can’t even get the basic facts right on their central arguments.  

NHS boss on Brexit

What would happen to our NHS if we leave Europe? Hear it first hand from an expert - the chief executive of NHS England Simon Stevens. Our NHS is only stronger and better off if we stay IN Europe.

Consumer champion says leaving Europe is a “clear risk to household budgets”

New analysis released today shows that a British exit from the EU could push the annual shopping bill of the average British family up by £220 and consumer experts agree.

European Arrest Warrant used to return hundreds of fugitives to face justice in Britain

New official figures published by the National Crime Agency have revealed how police forces across the UK have used the European Arrest Warrant to extradite and deport thousands of suspected criminals, including some of Britain's most-wanted fugitives, in recent years.

Giants of retail warn against Brexit

The former heads of Marks and Spencers, Tesco, Sainsbury's and B&Q have written a letter warning of price and inflation rises in their supermarkets if we vote to leave. Full letter:

Dominic West: register to vote

Bafta-winning star of The Wire Dominic West has this important message – vote remain, because our connection to Europe is far too important to lose. Please SHARE his words – and make sure you and your friends are registered to vote by 7 June to be part of the biggest decision of our generation.

Leading creative figures say we're Stronger in Europe

Almost THREE HUNDRED of the biggest stars from Britain’s creative industries today said we’re stronger and better off IN Europe. From A-list movie stars and directors to musicians, artists, fashion industry leaders, writers and more, they agree that Britain’s global creative success is helped by being part of the EU, and would take a massive hit if we voted to...

Justin Trudeau on Brexit

WATCH: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, became the latest in a host of world leaders who say we’re stronger in Europe. Leaders from across the globe, from Canada and the USA to India, Japan and China know we’re better off as part of the EU – please SHARE.

Hundreds of figures from Britain's creative industries call for UK to stay in the EU

- Creative Industries Federation survey also reveals 96% of its members support Remain -