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Leaving Europe will create £40bn black hole

Responding to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) report released today, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling said:

Veterans and military and security experts line up to show overwhelming support for Britain remaining in Europe

The overwhelming consensus among British security experts that Britain is stronger and safer in Europe became clear today as Britain Stronger In Europe issues the roll call of veterans, security experts and military chiefs backing Britain remaining in Europe.

#VOTIN launch

Being in Europe is really important for young people, offering the freedom to roam, work, travel, live and study anywhere in Europe. That’s why we’ve launched our new #Votin campaign – because life’s better in the EU, we need to make sure we stay there. The deadline to register to vote in this crucial referendum is June 7th. Don’t miss...

Sam's future

Meet Sam. He's 14 months old. And how you vote in the EU referendum will shape his future – and the future of everyone in our country. Please WATCH our first referendum broadcast - then SHARE with your friends and family.

Your family holiday could cost £230 more if we leave Europe

Today, the Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech at easyJet's offices outlining why it could cost you and your family an extra £230 to go on holiday if we leave the European Union. Here's what he said. 

Governor of the Bank of England says mortgage rates could be higher if we leave EU

In his appearance before the Treasury Select Committee, the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, said that the "overall mortgage rate could be higher" if we leave the European Union.

Ngaire Woods on the Single Market

MUST-WATCH: Oxford University professor Ngaire Woods explains trade deals, Brexit and why we must remain part of the European Single Market in less than two minutes. Please SHARE this clear, independent expert analysis.

Leaving the EU risks women's rights

A new report by the TUC says that leaving the European Union could turn the clock back on women's rights, hitting equal pay and protection against pregnancy discrimination.

Leaving Europe would lead to a DIY recession

"This could be for the first time in history a recession brought on ourselves… a DIY recession." A stark, important warning from the Prime Minister today. Expert economic analysis from the likes of the Bank of England, the IMF and the Treasury shows that leaving the EU would lead to a recession. More jobs, lower prices and a stronger economy...

Brexit: new Treasury analysis

MUST WATCH: Half a million jobs lost. Average wages cut by £800 per year. A self-inflicted “DIY recession”.