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£32,000 - What leaving Europe will cost every pensioner

All the credible economic expert opinion says the economy would take a massive hit if we left Europe. And new Treasury analysis shows that this economic uncertainty would hit pensioners by up to £32,000 each. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone in Britain will be better off if we vote to REMAIN on 23 June.

leaving Europe could cause staff shortages that would be "catastrophic" for the public sector

BBC Debate: young people have their say

Tonight's TV referendum debate was all about young people – so here’s what they had to say about our place in Europe. Please SHARE their words.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan: we're stronger in Europe

Today, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan published an open letter outlining why he believes that London - and the rest of the UK - is stronger and better off as part of the EU. Here's what he wrote:

What has the EU ever done for us?

What has the EU ever done for us? An awful lot, as it turns out – and here are almost FORTY reasons why we’re stronger, safer and better off in Europe.

Director of the IFS warns: you cannot get a better trading relationship outside EU

WATCH: This will be the most important twelve seconds of your day.

Historians back Remain

As historians of Britain and of Europe, we believe that Britain has had in the past, and will have in the future, an irreplaceable role to play in Europe. 

For Britain, it should be clout not out

The UK presidency in 2017 will provide a special role in driving priorities, writes Gordon Brown in the Financial Times today:

Vote remain to keep prices in UK shops lower

Being in the EU means lower prices in our shops, cheaper family holidays – and more financial security for UK families.

Sir Alan Sugar on Brexit

Sir Alan Sugar, top UK businessman, thinks it's crucial we stay in Europe - to help businesses grow and create jobs.