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PM: 5 guarantees if we remain

MUST-WATCH: The Prime Minister and Sadiq Khan today unveiled FIVE concrete guarantees if you vote remain on 23 June.

I'm IN

Across the country, people from all walks of life are saying 'I'm IN' and joining together to create the fastest-growing grassroots movement in the UK.

This referendum is about the future

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis is urging everyone to vote Remain on June 23rd – for a future of opportunities, colour and excitement. If you’re going to Glastonbury, make sure you’ve registered for a proxy/postal vote to have your say on our country's future.

John Major: Vote Leave's campaign is an unforgivable fraud on British people

We have less than one month to go before casting possibly the most important vote of our lifetime. The arguments upon whether to remain in or leave the EU are complex. The very least the British public should expect from our politicians is that they be accurate and truthful and focus on our long-term wellbeing.  

Think of the wider world and vote to stay in Europe

Religious leaders from all faiths have written a letter today supporting Britain remaining in Europe. You can read the full letter here:

88% of top economists in biggest survey ever agree UK is better off in EU

The biggest ever survey of top economists shows a staggering nine out of ten agree leaving the EU would damage the UK economy. This unprecedented consensus settles the economic argument once and for all – we're stronger, safer and better off in Europe.

Miliband: we could lose this referendum unless young people turn to vote

Former Labour Leader, Ed Miliband today give a speech in London to warn that the referendum outcome is in doubt because millions of young people are missing from the electoral roll.

Corbyn on Brexit

MUST-WATCH: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s most passionate referendum speech yet, out on the streets of Doncaster talking to voters about why we’re stronger and better off in Europe.

Hilary Devey - When it comes to Europe: I’m IN

One of my earliest memories is watching as the bailiffs came in and took the last piece of furniture from our family home. 


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the latest in a long line of world leaders who say we’re better off in Europe, saying that for India “the UK is the gateway to Europe”.