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The TUC on Brexit

IMPORTANT: the TUC have listened to expert economists and to the shop floor by talking to their membership of 5.8 million workers in Britain. Their research shows that if we vote to leave Europe, there will be “fewer jobs, lower pay, and fewer prospects for everybody”.

Chancellor - OECD report shows "grim economic consequences" of leaving Europe

Responding to today's OECD report outlining the economic damage leaving the European Union could cause to Britain, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, commented:

Warning over UK manufacturing: over 100,000 future jobs at risk

A new report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) today [Wednesday] shows that over 100,000 UK manufacturing jobs will be created by the EU's single market and would be at risk if we left.

Wages would be £38 a week lower outside the EU, says TUC report

Wages will be £38 a week lower and manufacturing will fall into steep decline if Britain votes to leave the EU, according to a new report – Better Off In: working people and the case for remaining in the EU – launched today by the TUC.

Stephen Hawking on Brexit

"We need to be part of a larger group of nations, both for our security and our trade." Professor Stephen Hawking is the latest world-leading expert to give his insight into why Britain is only better off IN Europe.

EU referendum: 200 Cambridge University academics express ‘grave concern’ over impact of Brexit

More than 200 Cambridge University professors, dames, knights and Nobel prize winners have expressed their “grave concern” at the impact on British universities of leaving the European Union.

Seven Dragons: For Business and for Jobs, Britain is better off in

Seven Dragons from the BBC business leaders show Dragon's Den signed a letter in support of the UK's membership of the EU. The full letter & list of signatories follows:

Brexit fears add millions on to costs for business

A third of bosses at Britain’s biggest public companies say they have spent up to £1 million preparing for the consequences of leaving the EU.

Lord Sugar on the EU referendum

Lord Sugar knows a thing or two about business, so when he says "this is a gamble we cannot afford to take", everyone needs to sit up and listen. SHARE with your friends and vote REMAIN on June 23rd to keep Britain's businesses strong.

Vote Remain on June 23rd & we guarantee:

While the Leave Campaign can’t tell you ANYTHING about what would happen if we leave Europe, here are five GUARANTEES of a stronger and safer future if you vote Remain on 23 June.