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9 out of 10 economists say leaving Europe will damage our economy

The economic argument is settled. In the largest survey of its kind ever conducted, NINE out of ten expert economists conducted say our economy will be damaged if we leave Europe. Please SHARE - the weight of expert opinion is overwhelmingly in favour of voting REMAIN on 23 June.

Service sector leaders warn leaving Europe would "put jobs at risk"

The heads of leading services companies employing hundreds of thousands of people today warn that jobs in their booming sector would be put at risk by a vote to Leave the EU on June 23.

Britain doesn't quit

Tonight the Prime Minister set out a passionate case for why we’re better off IN Europe. Our special status in Europe gives us the best of both worlds, with access to the Single Market of 500 million people, and our place in the world strong and assured. WATCH and SHARE this short clip and see why a vote to leave...

Angela Merkel on Brexit

Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a strong statement in support of a British vote to remain a part of the European Union on June 23rd. A transcript of what she said follows:

BPI survey reveals that 78% of UK music labels want Britain to remain in the EU

A survey today from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) reveals that the overwhelming majority of UK labels are backing Britain’s membership of the EU, with 78% saying that walking away will damage business prospects and undermine the success of British music in Europe. 

A love letter to the British people, from Europe

Sir, – Three European citizens, an Austrian, a Frenchman and a Greek, got together one evening and wrote a short letter to the British people. We were not trying to sell a position or buy favours. It’s not a tract or a manifesto, and it’s certainly not a lecture. You can call it a love letter, if you will.

Spanish PM warns leaving EU would mean Brits lose right to free movement

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy today warned that a vote to leave the EU would mean British citizens would lose the right to move freely around Europe.

RSPB and WWF say that the environment is safer in Europe

Two of Britain’s leading charities concerned with the natural world say remaining in Europe is safer for Britain’s environment PM says staying in Europe vital to protecting UK environment RSPB and WWF will inform over 1.7 million supporters what is at stake in this referendum

Rankin, Antony Gormley and Axel Scheffler join leading artists in designing posters to support keeping Britain in the EU

Rankin, Antony Gormley and Axel Scheffler are amongst 14 internationally-renowned artists to unveil artwork specially designed to back Britain’s membership of the EU.

Leaving Europe will destroy young people's hopes of getting on the housing ladder

Liam Fox’s claim that leaving Europe would help people get on the housing ladder is fantasy.