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Thank you to our crowdfunder supporters

Today the team at Stronger In would like to thank everyone who donated to the campaign.  

Despite a painful defeat, I am proud of what we achieved.

Will Straw, our Executive Director, writes today on the referendum campaigns and the future of the United Kingdom:

Leaders in all fields are clear Britain is Stronger if we Vote Remain

David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Sir John Major unite to say Britain is stronger in Europe. An unprecedented coalition of people from all sectors and all walks of life support Britain remaining in the European Union. Overwhelming numbers of academics and scientists, economic experts, health and medical professions, the leads of NGOs and...

British business ‘benefits massively from EU’

Sir, We own and run more than 1,200 businesses, from micro companies to the FTSE 100, employing more than 1.75 million people. We know our firms are stronger in Europe. 

Bond, Becks, Bobby, Barnes & Bear back Britain remaining in Europe

Yes, this referendum is about jobs, prices and workers’ rights - but it’s also about Britain’s place in the world. That’s why British heroes like Daniel Craig, Bear Grylls, Beckham and more think we stand taller and stronger in Europe than on our own. Share if you agree.

TUC and EEF unite to say that British manufacturing is stronger in Europe

Today [Wednesday], in a joint statement, TUC General-Secretary Frances O’Grady and EEF chief executive Terry Scuoler say that manufacturing is better off in Europe, and that “leaving would be a terrible gamble, amounting to playing poker with people's jobs, businesses and the country's economic stability.”

The patriotic case for remaining in Europe

Tonight Ruth Davidson, Sadiq Khan and Frances O'Grady held the Leave Campaign to account for their lies during this campaign - and for having no plan for Britain's future. And the three Remain supporters set out the strong, patriotic case for staying in Europe: for jobs, for workers' rights, for a stronger future for UK families.

Lawrence Dallaglio, Paula Radcliffe and Colin Graves amongst sporting figures to join David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand in calling for Britain to stay in the EU

Nearly 50 sports stars and industry figures, including Lawrence Dallaglio, Paula Radcliffe, Martin Glenn, Colin Graves and Neil Lennon, have today signed a letter urging Britain to stay in the EU by arguing that “we are stronger working together”.

A personal view by Bear Grylls

I am proud to represent a number of different & very inspiring organisations, but on this issue, I speak from the heart and only for myself. 

Vote remain or wake up to this...

If we vote to leave Europe, there are no second chances and no going back. Don’t wake up to this on the news on Friday morning - VOTE REMAIN for a stronger future together.