Majority of people in Scotland support the remaining in the EU

In a new poll published today by Kantar's TNS, a majority of people in Scotland continue to support the remaining in the EU.

When asked how they intend to vote in the referendum on 23rd June, 51% of adults in Scotland said they will vote to remain (+3), 21% would vote to leave (no change) and 29% don’t know (-2).

If those who don’t know are removed, the survey suggests 71% would vote to remain and 29% would vote to leave.

Scotland Stronger In Europe spokesperson said: “These figures are encouraging. They show that people in Scotland have the opportunity to come together on 23 June to vote for Remain, bridging other political differences and potentially having a decisive impact on the result UK-wide.
"But we take nothing for granted, and Scotland Stronger In Europe supporters are campaigning hard, demonstrating the gains of staying in Europe in terms of more jobs and lower prices.

 “The benefits of being in Europe touch all parts of Scottish society – rights for families such as maternity and paternity leave, protection for workers including paid holidays, a boost to business from guaranteed access to the single market, freedoms for pensioners, and opportunities for young people.

"The only way to keep these EU rights is to vote Remain."

Tom Costley, Head of TNS Scotland said,

“The level of support for the EU in Scotland has shown little change over the last few months"

"it looks likely that Scotland will vote to remain on 23rd June"

"There is still the potential for a high turnout, suggesting the Scottish public can see the importance of this decision. Both sides will be keen to get as many people as possible to cast their vote on the day.

"Given how close the race is looking across the UK, every vote will count”.