Being in the EU means cheaper prices, making it more affordable to put food on the table, or fuel in your car, giving you more money to put aside for a deposit on a home, starting a family or even a holiday.

Being in the EU means you pay less for your weekly food shop, but also petrol, energy bills, flights and mobile roaming charges (Source: The Treasury).

Competition between businesses across the EU single market means lower prices on the goods you buy, saving your family £350 a year (Source: London School of Economics), meaning more money in your pocket and security for your family.

Economic experts including the Bank of England Governor say that if we left the EU our economy would be hit, and we could go back into recession.

Economic experts forecast a drop in the value of your home, your pension and the pound. A number of experts such as the National Farmers’ Union have warned that prices on food and drink would increase, making it more expensive to feed your family.

If we left the free trade single market, businesses would have to pay the new costs of tariffs to import and export goods and services, and administrating paperwork. They would pass on those costs in higher prices on everything from your supermarket shop to fuel bills.

Leaving Europe would leave you and your family out of pocket.

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