Kofi Annan and Tim Berners-Lee among latest experts urging voters to back Remain

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee are the latest in a long line of global experts to come out in favour of Britain staying in the EU in a major intervention today.

In a special edition of the New Statesman, they are joined by a wide range of leading global figures and academics writing why Britain is better off in Europe including Nobel-prize winning Indian economist Amartya Sen, British economic historian Emma Rothschild and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

Kofi Annan emphasises that despite its shortcomings the EU has been a "triumph," warning that in the modern world "no nation can afford to be too isolated." Meanwhile Tim Berners Lee has said tech advances are much easier in the EU, stating that having common rules at European level is "essential."

Will Straw, Executive Director of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, commented:

"These interventions add to the overwhelming consensus amongst economic experts and world leaders that leaving Europe would damage Britain's economy and influence in the world.

"The Leave campaign are asking voters to ignore all this advice and roll the dice on our children's future.
"It's clear that Britain is stronger, safer and better off in Europe."

Selected extracts below

Kofi Annan: “No nation can afford to be too isolated. Despite some shortcomings, the European union project has been a triumph and all the member states should strive to strengthen rather than weaken it.”

Tim Berners Lee: "I believe Britain should stay in the EU. The logical reason is that we need structures of all scales to manage this planet, and there a good many things that are best done at the scale of Europe..The EU level, though, is essential for us...My heart and wallet are at one: Britain should remain in Europe."

Enda Kenny: For the sake of peace and jobs, the EU we in Ireland most want is one that has the UK inti 

Amartya Sen: “Brexit would certainly be a bad economic move , but the threat it carries is very much larger than that.”

Emma Rothschild: “Being a part of something larger is a source of optimism and inspiration.”