It's official - the referendum will be held June 23rd

It’s official – on Thursday 23 June, we’ll face the biggest choice in a generation with your vote in the EU referendum.


On Saturday, David Cameron announced that the government’s position is to recommend that Britain remains in a reformed European Union.

Speaking to the British people, he called the referendum “one of the biggest decisions this country will face in our lifetimes”.

He said: "The choice goes to the heart of the kind of country we want to be, and the future we want for our children.

"This is about how we trade with neighbouring countries to create jobs and financial security for our families and it’s about how we cooperate to keep our people safe and our country strong.

“I believe we’ll be safer in a reformed Europe because we can work with our European partners to fight cross-border crime and terrorism.

"I believe Britain will be stronger in a reformed Europe because we can play a leading role in one of the world’s largest organisations from within, helping to make the big decisions on trade and security that determine our future.

"And I believe we’ll be better off in a reformed Europe because British businesses will have full access to the free trade single market, bring jobs, investment and lower prices.

"Let me be clear: leaving Britain would threaten our economic and our national security.

"Those who want to leave Europe cannot tell you if British businesses would be able to access Europe’s free trade single market, or if working people’s jobs are safe, or how much prices would rise. All they’re offering is a risk at a time of uncertainty – a leap in the dark.”

The Prime Minister’s message is clear – our choice is between a stronger economy, a safer Britain and a brighter future if we stay - or putting everything at risk with a leap into the dark if we leave.