Is Britain safer by being a part of the EU?

You and your family are safer in the EU.      
Many of the threats to Britain's security are global in nature, like terrorism, Russian aggression and cross-border crime and EU cooperation allows us to fight them more effectively. There is strength in numbers – as part of the EU we are able to implement sanctions against Russia, share intelligence about terrorists and arrest criminals using the European Arrest Warrant.
The European Arrest Warrant means that we can fast-track the arrest of criminals anywhere across the EU. We would lose access to this warrant if we left. 
The British head of EU crime intelligence agency Europol, Rob Wainwright has said “the EU has become vital for Britain’s security interest.”
We can also tackle the cross-border threat of climate change more effectively as members of the EU. Together we can make faster progress towards a sustainable future and fight climate change, and the consequences that affect all of our lives, including flooding and pollution. 

Last updated: Feb 18, 2016