IFS slam Vote Leave for NHS funding claims

In a strongly-worded intervention, the Institute for Fiscal Studies have slammed Leave campaigner Michael Gove for claiming that their research proved that leaving the EU would leave an extra £8bn to spend on the NHS.

In a statement today, the IFS totally refuted this claim, saying "there is virtual unanimity among economists" that the hit to the public finances caused by leaving Europe would be "more than that £8 billion". 

Commenting, Alistair Darling, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, said:

"This unprecedented intervention from one of the country's most respected economic experts shows that the Leave campaign do not have a credible economic plan for Britain's future.
“The IFS are clear – leaving the EU’s Single Market would leave us spending less on public services such as the NHS, or taxing more, or borrowing more.
“The NHS, and everyone who relies upon it and works in it, is stronger thanks to our membership of the EU. Leaving would be a leap in the dark”.

The IFS statement is here: