If we left the EU, would we then leave the UN or NATO?

The UK has more control over world events and a bigger say over decisions shaping the world we live in, by being a part of major organisations such as the UN, NATO and the EU. These organisations help our country in very different ways.
We would never dream of leaving the UN or NATO, why would we leave the EU, which is the one that keeps our economy strong, helping businesses grow and create jobs and lower prices for hardworking families?
If we want to have more power in the world, we need to lead, not leave the organisations that shape major global decisions, like the EU, the UN and NATO. Together with our neighbours in the EU, we have the numbers to influence the rest of the world.
By being in the EU, our government can have more control over the major events and rules that shape the world you and your family live in, now and for generations to come. 

Last updated: Feb 18, 2016